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Handbags from Clare V.

Today is “Cyber-Monday”, the day on-line retailers liken to “Black Friday” in stores. But for one Roanoke-based on-line retailer or handbags and related accessories, the spike in cyber-orders after Thanksgiving is not limited to a single day, and the promotional name may be somewhat misleading. WFIR’s Evan Jones has the story.

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It’s more like  a long Cyber-weekend for Claire V., the Roanoke business that sells tens of thousands of items a year from its Roanoke office and distribution center. Founder and Owner Laura Godfrey says on-line business today is not the mad rush you saw last Friday in stores; Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday see greater sales in what is indeed an important week for on-line sales.

Godfrey also owns the Polished by Claire V. Nail Boutiques and Spas , where’s you can find handbags for sale up front. What you may not know is what customers buy here helps determine what is made in larger numbers in the coming year — and helps determine what the Roanoke business sells both on-line and to wholesalers in the U.S., Canada, and Europe in the coming year..