randy-dell-cornsThe Henry County Sheriff’s Office received information that there were lewd sexual acts along with the displaying of obscene motion pictures taking place at Passions Video located at 6535 Greensboro Rd., Ridgeway, Virginia. Passions Video is advertised as being an adult video store with movie arcade and adult novelties. Through the course of the investigation, it was discovered that the operator of Passions Video was charging a fee to allow customers to enter the rear area of the business. In the back portion of the business, there were multiple televisions playing obscene pornographic videos.  It was in this area that customers were engaging in sexual acts. While investigating the allegations, it was discovered that the business was owned and operated by Randy Dell Corns, 51, of 7804 Maplewood Rd., Waxham, NC.

During the execution of a search warrant, Randy Dell Corns was arrested and charged with 3 counts of keeping a bawdy place for immoral purposes (Code of Virginia, 18.2-347) and 3 counts of knowingly own, lease or manage a building for the purpose of presenting an obscene exhibition or performance (Code of Virginia, 18.2-375). All charges are misdemeanors. Corns posted a $2500.00 secure bond and was released.