Rep. Morgan Griffith

Congressman Morgan Griffith says his 9th District constituents appear to be far more worried about proposed gun restrictions than federal budget cuts through sequestration. Griffith says while his office received more than 200 calls and e-mails about sequestration in the last 15 days, the number on gun control was more than double, topping 500. As for the sequestration cuts, Griffith does not expect the actual impact to match the widespread warnings heard in recent weeks. WFIR’s Evan Jones has the story.

Here are the numbers provided by Congressman Griffith’s office on calls and e-mails in the last 15 days of February:

“More than 500” contacts urging him to protect current gun owner rights. “Fewer than 25” urge stricter gun laws.

“More than 200” contacts urging him to avoid sequestration. “Less than 50” said let it happen.