Help Save the Afterprom

Wildfire-New-2From Roanoke County Fire & Rescue: Crews were dispatched to the 9100 block of Willow Branch Road in southwest County for a reported brush fire at about 1:20 this afternoon. When firefighters first arrived they found about two to three acres of wooded land on fire and the wind spreading the flames quickly. Crews worked immediately to establish a containment line by using hand rakes to dig lines in the dirt out in front of the fire. A nearby creek was used for one side of the containment line. At 4:30, the fire has now grown to approximately 15 acres, but officials believe it is under control and about 75% contained. There are now about 23 firefighters on scene working to try and get the flames contained before nightfall. After darkness sets in, crews will remain on scene throughout the night to monitor and reinforce containment lines. Virginia Department of Forestry personnel have been called in and now have a bulldozer on the scene. The dozer will work on strengthening the containment line. There are no fire hydrants in this area of Roanoke County, so any water used is shuttled in on brush and tanker trucks. No structures are threatened at this time.