The full-year numbers are in for Roanoke’s “Eat for Education” meals tax increase, and they show more money coming in  than projected for Roanoke City Public Schools. School  leaders hint that they’ll soon be able to present other numbers that demonstrate the money is making a difference. More from News/Talk 960’s Evan Jones.


Here is the information provided by the Roanoke City Finance Department:

Meals Tax & “Eat for Education Update”

Fiscal Year 2011 Unaudited

Prepared by the Department of Finance

Meals Tax Revenue Amounts

FY11 Year to Date (twelve months)

YTD budget for two cent meals tax $4,383,142

YTD actual                                   $4,580,251

Positive variance                            $  197,109

Percent variance                                     4.5%

Commentary: The Eat for Education program exceeded budget estimates in the fiscal year 2011. Funding of $197,109 over the budget amount was generated for Roanoke City Public Schools.