If you want low auto insurance rates, it’s hard to find a better state than Virginia, but certain citations can make your policy cost a lot more – and DUI is not at the top of the list. compares millions of auto insurance rates nationwide, and it finds on average, Virginia has the third lowest policy rates in the country at $1,026 a year. The most costly driving violation for insurance purposes in the commonwealth is driving on a suspended license, followed by hit and run, racing, then DUI. WFIR’s Evan Jones has more:

Here is the full list from

ViolationCost$ Increase% Increase
Driving with a suspended license$1,755$72971.1%
Leaving scene of an accident-hit and run$1,711$68566.8%
Refusal to submit to a chemical test$1,677$65163.5%
At-Fault Accident – $1000-$2000$1,593$56755.3%
At-Fault Accident – Greater Than $2000$1,593$56755.3%
Reckless Driving$1,566$54052.6%
Open container$1,515$48947.7%
At-Fault Accident – Less Than $1000$1,376$35034.1%
Speeding 21 – 25 MPH Over Limit$1,371$34533.6%
Operating a vehicle without permission$1,320$29428.7%
Passing school bus$1,316$29028.3%
Failure to stop at a red light$1,274$24824.2%
Failure to yield$1,274$24824.2%
Following too closely$1,274$24824.2%
Illegal turn$1,274$24824.2%
Improper passing$1,274$24824.2%
Wrong way-wrong lane$1,274$24824.2%
Driving too slowly$1,269$24323.7%
In 65 MPH Zone$1,269$24323.7%
Speeding 11 – 15 MPH Over Limit$1,269$24323.7%
Speeding 16 – 20 MPH Over Limit$1,269$24323.7%
Speeding 6 – 10 MPH Over Limit$1,269$24323.7%
Speeding in School Zone$1,269$24323.7%
Cell Phone Violation$1,237$21120.6%
Texting while Driving$1,237$21120.6%
Driving with expired registration$1,175$14914.5%
Child safety restraint$1,161$13513.2%
Seat belt$1,132$10610.3%
Driving without lights$1,131$10510.2%
Failure to show documents$1,126$1009.7%
Two Comp Claims$1,093$676.5%
Not-at-fault accidents$1,077$515.0%
One Comp Claim$1,059$333.2%
Two Med-PIP Claims$1,059$333.2%
One Med-PIP Claim$1,030$40.4%