The Council of Community Services will open a drop-in center at 2328 Williamson Road on January 13. In addition to the services now available at its Campbell Avenue location the new location will also launch the Council’s “syringe exchange” program, with testing and intake done on Williamson Road – but the actual syringe or needle exchange taking place at a mobile health unit at predetermined times and locations. Its an effort to reduce diseases like hepatitis and HIV from those sharing needles.

Anne Marie Green is the Council’s president:

(from Council news release) On August 5, 2019, the Council of Community Services was approved to perform Comprehensive Harm Reduction Services in the City of Roanoke. Employing a hybrid model, the Drop In Center North will provide intakes, testing and service navigation onsite, while the actual “syringe exchange” will be conducted off site, on predetermined days/times and locations utilizing a mobile health unit. The Drop -In Center has successfully provided HIV and Hepatitis prevention, testing and coordination of care since 2004.  Under Virginia Department of Health funding, the Drop-In Center launched a Comprehensive Harm Reduction Pilot program in 2014 focusing on harm reduction skills building, HIV/HCV testing, linkage to care/support services, and supply harm reduction supplies (i.e. wound care/safer injection kits, overdose prevention education, condoms, field guides) to those at highest risk for contracting or transmitting HIV and/or Hepatitis C.  This is another component of a multi-disciplinary, best practices model grounded in expertise and collaborative efforts.