COVID-19 resources

The number of COVID-related hospitalizations in the region is now the highest we have seen this year. We know because the health systems based in the Roanoke, Lynchburg and Southside areas are now collectively gathering and sharing those numbers. The concern now is what happens if the virus’ recent spread is not contained in coming weeks. WFIR’s Evan Jones has the story:

The health systems in what is termed the “Near Southwest Region” have been gathering these numbers for three weeks, and as of tomorrow, November 18, they plan to publicly share them on a weekly basis.

As of Wednesday, Nov 11:  

Hospitalized COVID-19 patients: 203

ICU patients: 38

Ventilator patients: 18

Hospitalized PUIs (patients under investigation awaiting results): 35


As of Wednesday, Nov. 4: 

Hospitalized COVID-19 patients: 186

ICU patients: 40

Ventilator patients: 22

Hospitalized PUIs: 32


As of Wednesday, Oct. 28: 

Hospitalized COVID-19 patients: 200

ICU patients: 50

Ventilator patients: 27

Hospitalized PUIs: 46


These are totals for hospitalizations within the Near Southwest Region and not specific VDH health districts.

The health systems reporting these numbers are Carilion, LewisGale, Salem VA Medical Center, Centra and Sovah.