Help Save the Afterprom

SCAM-ALERTFrom The Christiansburg Police Department: The Christiansburg Police Department is urging citizens to be vigilant of a recent scam affecting the surrounding area. In this scam, a citizen receives a phone call or voicemail from an individual claiming to be a Deputy Sheriff. The individual states that the citizen is wanted for failure to appear in court or has missed jury duty. These calls appear to come from a 540 area code. The caller provides the citizen with a false case number and may also use the name of a local judge to make the call seem legitimate. Once the citizen returns the call, they are instructed to purchase gift cards and then provide those gift card numbers to the individual. If any citizen receives a call asking them to purchase anything, they should hang up immediately and not comply with the request. No law enforcement agency would conduct business in this manner. If you receive, or have received, a call of this type, please contact the Christiansburg Police Department at (540) 382-3131.