Effective Tuesday, March 8, all Carilion Clinic hospitals will transition to green level restrictions for inpatient visitation. When transitioning from yellow- to green-level visitation, the primary change is permitting two visitors per day for adults during their stay. Previously, they were only allowed one in most cases.

Green visitation allows inpatient visitors with the following guidelines:

  • Adult patients are allowed two visitors. If deemed appropriate by the care team, children may visit if accompanied by an adult, and children do not count as visitors.
  • Pediatric patients are allowed two visitors over 18 (must be family members).
  • Emergency Department patients are allowed two visitors.
  • Labor and Delivery patients are allowed two visitors.
  • End of life patients are allowed up to four immediate family members.
  • Same-day surgery patients are allowed one visitor while being prepped. Once the patient is in their room, two visitors are allowed.

There are no visitors permitted for COVID-19 patients, and shared spaces (bays, waiting areas, etc.) remain visitor-free zones. “A patient’s support system plays a crucial role in their experience, so we are excited to welcome back additional visitors in a limited capacity,” said Patrice M. Weiss, MD, chief medical officer and executive vice president for Carilion. “While green-level visitation is less restrictive, it’s important to note that we remain vigilant against COVID-19. Protections like masking and screening requirements remain in place to keep our patients, visitors and staff safe.”