Roanoke-County-LogoThe Roanoke County Board of Supervisors wound up punting on a vote to continue ICLEI membership after more than two hours of public comments and debate last night. Instead, the Board will review its $1200 a year membership in the controversial environmental organization as part of the budget process over the next few months. Vinton supervisor Jason Peters made the motion to table a vote and suggested the county also look at options other than ICLEI software to measure carbon emissions. The money spent on ICLEI membership could be removed from the next fiscal year budget. If it stays the annual membership fee is due in October. Peters also said Roanoke County has more important issues to focus on – like the stormwater management plan now taking shape

The vote was 3-2, with supervisors Peters, Joe McNamara and Charlotte Moore choosing to delay any decision. Supervisors Butch Church and Al Bedrosian voted against the resolution.