Roanoke has two election days next year: the first one is in May for races that include Mayor and three members of City Council. Mayor David Bowers says he’s made his decision on whether to seek re-election — but isn’t quite ready to announce what it is. But as WFIR’s Evan Jones reports, there seems to be little question what direction he will take.

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Mayor Bowers already sounds like a candidate when saying Roanoke residents can decide if his recent record is a good one.  He has presented likely campaign themes in appearances such as his State of the City Address, starting with movement on long-standing proposals involving Countryside Golf Course, the City Market Building, and Elmwood Park, where changes are likely next year. Bowers says he has worked with City Council colleagues to set a good tone for running the city.
Bowers won two straight terms in the 1990s and there’s no question in minds of city insiders: he’ll seek a second straight term for a second time.