Blue Ridge PBS has the highly unusual — and highly welcome — opportunity to turn a $2 million gift into $4 million. It’s a matching grant challenge from the Secular Society, and Blue Ridge PBS officials say the funds will afford them the equipment and people needed to tell lasting stories of the region — and do so not just for TV, but for the growing number of people who watch video content on personal devices. More from WFIR’s Evan Jones:

NEWS RELEASE: Blue Ridge PBS is pleased to announce a substantial financial gift of two million dollars from The Secular Society. This is a matching grant contingent upon Blue Ridge PBS raising a like amount over the next three years.

This matching grant and your donation will allow us to expand our education department with innovative digital media technology, create new and exciting local productions, and increase arts and cultural opportunities across Southwest Virginia. Your participation in this collaborative fund-raising effort will make an enormous impact, transforming the lives of viewers like you.
You’ve put your trust in us for over 50 years, thank you!  We are committed to excellence and expanding the work we do, and your financial contribution is vital to our continuing success.
Blue Ridge PBS is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization. Contributions, minus the retail value of any thank you gift received, are tax deductible to the maximum extent allowed by law.
Please consider a major donation to help us reach our goal of matching this generous gift from The Secular Society. Contact Rose Martin at (540) 983-1782 office (540) 808-8632 mobile or by email to make your donation. Contributions can be made online at