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Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli’s decision to run for governor in 2013 has already forced the state’s top Republican to take sides in a nomination battle still 18 months away. WFIR’s Velvet Hall has more…


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Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling’s entire statement released Thursday night:


“Needless to say, I am very disappointed by Mr. Cuccinelli’s decision to run for Governor in 2013. During the 2009 campaign, and since taking office in 2010, Mr. Cuccinelli had repeatedly stated that he intended to seek re-election as Attorney General in 2013 and that is what I and other Republican leaders had expected him to do. Unfortunately, he has now decided to put his own personal ambition ahead of the best interests of the Commonwealth and the Republican Party.

“In 2009, Governor McDonnell and I gave Virginia Republicans a blueprint for how to win statewide elections in Virginia. It started with our decision to join together and offer a united vision for the future of our state. In order to make that possible, I decided to seek re-election to the office of Lieutenant Governor and support Bob McDonnell’s campaign for Governor. Unlike Mr. Cuccinelli, I set aside my personal ambition and did what was right for the Commonwealth and our party.

“I have consistently stated my intention to run for Governor in 2013, and Mr. Cuccinelli’s announcement will not alter my intended course. After serving 10 years in the State Senate and 6 years as Lieutenant Governor, I am uniquely prepared to succeed Governor McDonnell and lead Virginia into the future. I have also served for 2 years in Governor McDonnell’s cabinet, which has provided me with the experience and knowledge of the executive branch of state government that is necessary to continue our successes. Throughout my public service I have provided conservative, results oriented leadership, and I have worked with Republicans and Democrats to get things done for the people of Virginia. That experience and record of results enables me to reach out to conservative and independent voters and makes me the strongest candidate for Governor in 2013.

“In the months to come I will keep my focus on doing a good job as Virginia’s Lieutenant Governor, fulfilling my responsibilities as our state’s Chief Jobs Creation Officer, and working to elect Republican candidates in 2012. I will also continue doing the work I have been doing to lay the foundation for my own gubernatorial campaign in 2013. If I do that work well, the political future will take care of itself.”