Roanoke County police have determined the attempted abduction of a child at Chuck E. Cheese was a false alarm. A spokesperson says there was a “completely appropriate interaction between the child and a restaurant employee.” The employee offered to let the child use a ride for free, and the spokesperson says the child misinterpreted the offer and reported it to the mother.

From News Release: The Roanoke County Police Department has completed its investigation of an alleged attempted abduction of a child at the Chuck E. Cheese Restaurant on Electric Road on December 1.
After numerous interviews and reviews of surveillance video from multiple cameras within the restaurant, it was determined that there was no attempted abduction.
The investigation revealed that the original complaint was the result of a completely appropriate interaction between the child and a restaurant employee who offered to let the child use a ride for free.  The offer was misinterpreted by the child who reported it to the child’s mother.