Covid-19 Resources

More than 8,620 Virginians have been tested for COVID-19 in the latest 48-hour cycle. Of those, 1,314 have been listed as confirmed COVID-19 positive or probable for coronavirus. The Virginia Department of Health released the newest numbers this morning after a technical error prevented results from being posted yesterday. There have been 56 COVID-19 attributed deaths over that two-day period. An average of 28 deaths per day in that time.

The number of Virginians hospitalized with COVID-19 has reached a new high — but still remaining within a generally steady range. Hospitals across the state report 1,242 such cases at present, and that is up from 1,178 up from a week earlier. The number of COVID-19 patients under intensive care is virtually unchanged in that period: 371 now, 372 on April 30.