(from VSP) We have had three phone calls here at the office reporting that a Detective Keith McCoy, from the Virginia State Police has called demanding money from the intended victim.  These calls are targeting Sex Offenders by phone in order to have them pay money or be arrested.  This is a scam, the Virginia State Police does not do this.

Please reassure the public that the Virginia State Police will not call or approach anyone threatening to arrest for non-payment of money.  The Virginia State Police does not collect money for any court system.  If the state police have business with an individual, it will be done in person, and no money will be collected.
There are a lot of scams in which the caller attempts to make the victim pay and will try not to let them off the phone until that payment has been made.  DO NOT pay by phone.  If there is a question, hang up, and look up the phone number for whichever agency that called.  DO NOT call the same number back.  Listen for inconsistencies that the caller may use.  For example, the Virginia State Police does not have detectives. Ask the caller to meet you at the police department or sheriff’s office.  Protect yourself, no agency is going to threaten arrest for non-payment.