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Roanoke-CountyROANOKE, Va. (AP) _ A teenager has been sentenced to serve up to four years in a prison program for young offenders in a November crash that killed two passengers. Seventeen-year-old Dominique Lorenzo Young was sentenced Tuesday in Roanoke County Circuit Court on two counts of involuntary manslaughter. The Roanoke Times reports that under state law, the incarceration will be reviewed by the Virginia Parole Board to determine when he’s fit for release. Court records show the youth got into his mother’s car without permission on Nov. 11 and picked up a group of friends. He was driving on a learner’s permit that had been suspended five days before due to another crash. Killed in the Nov. 11 accident were 20-year-old Jefferson Cody Elliott and 18-year-old Danial Wayne Buckner.