CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (AP) — The University of Virginia recently received a massive donation of Mormon memorabilia, books and other materials that officials say could make the university a leading site east of the Rockies for studying the religion.

Gregory A. Prince, a researcher, businessman and historian of the Latter-Day Saints faith, donated more than 10,000 items to the Charlottesville university, The Daily Progress reported.

“With the gift of the Gregory A. Prince Collection, the UVa Mormon studies program is poised to provide the leadership needed for a new generation of students and researchers of Mormonism,” said Kathleen Flake, a professor of Mormonism. “Built over a lifetime of research in and writing about Mormonism, it is widely recognized as one of the finest private collections in the world.”

Most of the collection will be available for researchers to study, according to the newspaper, which reported that university officials expect the collection to be of interest to a wide range of students and scholars.

Prince declined to comment to The Daily Progress about his donation.