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Rev. E.W. Jackson

A man seeking the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate brings his campaign to Roanoke Tuesday night. Rev. E.W. Jackson a minister in Chesapeake, but says he has strong support from this area, with two key members of his campaign staff from Roanoke. Jackson is one of several candidates vying with former Governor George Allen for the Republican nomination.

“A lot of people have the theory that in order for anybody but George Allen to win all the other candidates but one has to drop out,” Jackson told WFIR News. “We have a different view.”

Jackson says he can win the GOP nomination and would be the best candidate to face Tim Kaine in the fall. . E.W. Jackson will speak to Roanoke County Republicans Tuesday at 7:00 p.m. at the Roanoke County Administration Building.


Hear more from E.W. Jackson.

On his Roanoke visit:

[audio:|titles=01-16 Jackson on Roanoke visit]


On Tea Party support:

[audio:|titles=01-16 jackson on tea party]


On competing with George Allen for the nomination:

[audio:|titles=01-16 Jackson on Allen]


On facing Democrat Tim Kaine in November:

[audio:|titles=01-16 jackson on kaine]


On why he’s running:

[audio:|titles=Jackson on running]


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