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With the new Fire Station number 7 in Grandin Village almost complete, its time for the “Trojan Dog” installation created by local artist Ann Glover to come back home and be placed outside the new firehouse on Memorial Avenue. That will take place this Saturday at 1pm, when the Trojan Dog will leave its temporary home at the Raleigh Court Library – with an escort featuring lights and sirens. Glover will be on hand for the homecoming.

(Roanoke Fire-EMS release) With substantial completion of New Roanoke Fire-EMS Station 7, it’s time for our neighborhood dog to make its way home. On Saturday, February 13th, Roanoke Fire-EMS will be celebrating the homecoming of our beloved Trojan Dog, as it is brought home from its current location at Raleigh Court Library to New Roanoke Fire-EMS Station 7, snow, rain or shine!

On Saturday, personnel will help relocate the installation with a grand homecoming, filled with lights and sirens. The dog will be transported from its current resting spot at the Raleigh Court Library down Grandin Rd., turning on Memorial Ave. and finally, make its way home to the lawn of NEW Fire-EMS Station 7. Departing Raleigh Court Library at 1:00pm.

This installation has been an adored fixture in the Raleigh Court community for over a decade. Ann Glover, the artist, first showcased this piece in the City’s Second Art in Roanoke Temporary Exhibition in 2010. Ann created the first version of the dog out of marine paint and plywood. After an 18 month stint, the neighborhood rallied to work with the artist and the City to make the piece permanent in 2011. Glover fashioned her second version of the piece, what you see today, working with 4DD Studios, a local fabricating firm, to enhance its sustainability in the outside elements, extending its lifespan.

We are excited to finally bring this cherished installation back home! Ann Glover, the artist, will also be in attendance to welcome the Trojan Dog back home