Sunday morning update from Roanoke City:

Roanoke, VA — Crews continue to work 24/7 to clear snow from city streets. The following is an update on snow removal progress made
since the last snowfall on Saturday, Feb. 21:

-100 percent of Arterial Streets have been plowed and treated. They are either down to the blacktop or slushy.

– 80 percent of Secondary Streets have been plowed and treated.

– 50 percent of Residential Streets have been plowed.

Temperatures are forecasted to warm up today, which should help crews
continue to make progress.


12:30 p.m. Update from VDOT


Many secondary roads and neighborhood streets covered in snow and ice

SALEM – Equipment operators and contractors with the Virginia Department of Transportation have been plowing roads all morning and with warmer temperatures conditions have improved.


Interstates (I-77, I-81 and I-581) are clear.  Most primary roads (those numbered 1-599) are in minor condition so drivers should watch isolated slick spots on ramps and in shaded areas.


Crews are working on secondary roads (those numbered 600 and above) and neighborhood streets.  Many secondary roads remain snow covered in Bedford, Botetourt, Craig, Floyd, Franklin, Giles, Montgomery, Pulaski and Roanoke counties.


Operators focus on the secondary roads with the highest traffic volumes first before proceeding to routes with lower traffic volumes such as subdivision roads and neighborhood streets.  Crews will get to as many of the secondary roads as possible today.


Drivers should watch for isolated slick spots on secondary roads in Henry, Patrick and Carroll counties.  These roads are considered to be in minor condition.


Motorists are cautioned to watch for ponding water or flooded roads as snow melts.


Snow plow crews began Sunday morning working to clear the roads, beginning with the interstates and other major routes.

Many secondary roads and neighborhood streets still were covered with packed snow from last week’s snow storm before the latest snow put down several inches more.    In the City of Roanoke crews said they were able to get to some neighborhood streets Saturday.  As of Saturday night, the city said major streets were passable, but not plowed to bare pavement.  The city said it planned to move into the neighborhoods overnight, and salt was “proving to be very beneficial to plowing efforts.”


STAUNTON – (11 a.m.) Snowplows and sunshine are combining to improve driving conditions in the Shenandoah Valley and Alleghany Highlands. Many primary and secondary roads remain covered in snow or ice, however, and the Virginia Department of Transportation urges drivers to use extreme caution. Conditions could change rapidly as snow melts on Sunday afternoon, and flooding is possible in some low-lying areas.


The Interstate 81 southbound rest area at mile marker 199 remains closed due to truck parking on the ramps.


Crews are working 12-hour shifts to plow and treat roads throughout the 11 counties of the VDOT Staunton District. Their goal is to have at least one pass on all roadways within 48 hours after the end of a storm.


Here are the road conditions as of 11 a.m. Sunday:


Interstate 64 – Minor conditions in Alleghany, Rockbridge and Augusta counties.


Interstate 66 – Clear conditions in Warren County.


Interstate 81 – Minor conditions in Rockbridge and Augusta counties. Clear conditions in Rockingham, Shenandoah and Frederick counties.


Primary roads – Severe conditions in Rockbridge and Highland counties. Moderate conditions in Alleghany, Bath, Shenandoah and Clarke counties. Minor conditions in Augusta, Page and Frederick counties. Clear conditions in Rockingham and Warren counties.


Secondary roads – Severe conditions in Alleghany, Bath, Rockbridge and Highland counties. Moderate conditions in Augusta, Rockingham, Page, Shenandoah, Frederick, Clarke and Warren counties.