Help Save the Afterprom

Roanoke Railhouse LogoFrom Roanoke Railhouse Brewery: Roanoke’s oldest brewery is for sale. “I’ve taken it as far as I can,” said Steve Davidson, founder of Roanoke Railhouse Brewery. “The biggest goals I had have been accomplished.” The brewery, which opened its doors in 2009, has two assets that anyone who wants to get into the brewing business may find attractive, according to Davidson. “We have a fully capable brewing operation and appropriate amounts of cold storage, plus our Franklin Road Taproom,” said Davidson, “But a new brewer will want our licensing and our signature recipes.”

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Roanoke Railhouse Brewing Co. has federal and state licensing. “The federal notice can be changed easily within a 30 days or less,” said Davidson. “State certification can follow with no interruption of operation. Accomplishing this from the ground up is daunting. Just filling out the federal forms can take a week. Then you wait an average of 131 days before you can move to the state level and wait another 90 days.” With the licensing come the rights to one of Virginia’s best selling craft beers.

“Track 1 amber lager is, and always has been, our signature beer,” said Davidson. “It is backed by seven years of marketing and is well known around the state. Our other standard beers – Broken Knuckle IPA and Switch Monkey Belgian Pale Ale – also enjoy statewide recognition.”

The craft beer industry has grown significantly since Roanoke Railhouse poured its first draft. “It’s been a great run,” said Davidson. “It is now time for someone else to spread the word about the rail heritage of Roanoke and what a great place this is to live.””