From Roanoke County Public Schools: The Roanoke County School Board has approved a proposal to add several early dismissal days in October, November and December to allow teachers time for planning for differentiated learning and remediation, contacting parents, working with individual students and offsetting time spent covering for other teachers because of a significant shortage of substitute teachers.

Beginning Oct. 15, schools will have one early dismissal day or a closed day each week.

Oct. 15: School closed (teacher workday from home)
Oct. 20: Two hour early dismissal (originally was a three-hour dismissal)
Oct. 27: Two hour early dismissal
Nov. 2: Schools closed for Election Day
Nov. 10: Two hour early dismissal
Nov. 17: Two hour early dismissal
Nov. 24-26: Schools closed for Thanksgiving (originally, Nov. 24 was a three-hour early dismissal day, but now schools are closed on Nov. 24)
Dec. 1: Two hour early dismissal
Dec. 8: Two hour early dismissal

“We have talked with many of our teachers and principals over the last few weeks and know that everyone is working incredibly hard to meet the needs of our students,” said Dr. Ken Nicely, superintendent of Roanoke County Public Schools.


“Investing in our staff’s preparation time is one way we can take care of these public servants who are taking care of the children of our community,” said Jason Moretz, chairman of the Roanoke County School Board.


In addition, the school board approved an increase in the daily pay rate for substitute teachers and instructional assistants.

Teacher substitutes (with a college degree): $140 per day (up from $100)
Teacher substitutes (non-degree): $125 per day (up from $85)
Instructional assistant (all): $110 per day (up from $76-$85)

“We are doing everything we can to try to recruit more substitute teachers and instructional assistants,” said Jim Bradshaw, director of human resources for Roanoke County Public Schools. “We hope these temporary pay increases will encourage more people to consider becoming a substitute for us.”