A recent state police truck safety enforcement operation on Interstates 81and 77 found about 7% of trucks inspected had safety violations, and they were immediately placed out of service. And 9% of drivers checked were immediately taken off the highways, mostly for exceeding federally-allowed hours behind the wheel. WFIR’s Evan Jones has more:

NEWS RELEASE: To enhance the safety of our interstates in western and southwest Virginia, the Virginia State Police Safety Division’s Motor Carrier Safety Units partnered with the North Carolina State Highway Patrol to conduct a commercial vehicle enforcement operation on the entire Interstate 81 through Virginia and Interstate 77 in both Virginia and North Carolina.

During the three-day enforcement project, (Nov. 9-11, 2021), a total of 702 commercial vehicles were inspected by Virginia and North Carolina state troopers. Of those vehicles, 667 violations were cited, 51 vehicles placed out of service and 64 drivers placed out of service.
“This enforcement initiative’s results indicate the extraordinary efforts our Motor Carrier Safety Unit troopers put forth every day as they work to improve passenger and commercial vehicle safety across Virginia,” said Capt. Sean L. Stewart, Virginia State Police Safety Division commander. “Partnering with our North Carolina counterparts helps to reinforce that safety outreach and enforcement no matter which side of the state line you may be traveling.”