A Roanoke College Poll of 648 Virginia residents statewide in late May finds Governor Youngkin’s approval rate up slightly to 53 percent from the previous quarterly survey, with President Biden’s approval rating down 4 points to 37 percent. Donald Trump’s favorability rating dropped to 34 percent among the Virginians surveyed; on the abortion issue 88 percent of those surveyed said it should be legal under some or all circumstances. David Taylor is director for the Institute for Policy and Opinion Research:

Nearly five months into his term as governor of Virginia, Glenn Youngkin’s approval rating has increased to 53% (from 50% in February) while disapproval, at 35%, is down from 41% in February. More Democrats (41%) approve of Youngkin’s performance now than they did three months ago (30%), while approval in Youngkin’s own party is down (84% approval in February versus 75% approval now). Approval of President Joe Biden’s job continues to decline according to the Roanoke College Poll, now at 37%, down from its previous low of 41% in February. That decline is seen across all Virginians regardless of political party affiliation. 

About 46% of Virginians have a favorable view of Gov. Youngkin, with 37% having an unfavorable view. Again, the Poll found that Democrats have a more favorable view of Youngkin now (29% now versus 20% in February) and Republicans currently view him as less favorable than before (75% now versus 84% in February). Former Gov. Ralph Northam’s favorability has dropped to 34% from 41% in February. President Biden’s ratings continue to fall, with only 38% of Virginians having a favorable impression and 56% view him unfavorably. Former President Trump has a 34% favorable and 59% unfavorable rating among Virginians as his favorability in Virginia declines due to the feelings of both Republicans and Independents.  

When asked about the country, only 21% of Virginians say that things are going in the right direction while 77% say that things have gotten off on the wrong track, which is the second lowest “right direction” rating in the Poll’s history (August 2020 provided the lowest rating at 16%). Regarding the Commonwealth itself, Virginians feel that situations have improved since February when citizens were split. Now, 50% say that things are going in the right direction and 44% say that things are on the wrong track.