The Roanoke Police Department is investigating more property damage to vehicles.  Five cars on Bosworth Drive and Darwin Road were damaged Tuesday night.  This past weekend, 48 cars in the city were damaged from either a BB gun or air rifle.  The original number was 57, but a spokesperson for the department says some cars were counted twice.

Here is the full press release from the Roanoke Police Department:

Roanoke, VA- The Roanoke Police Department is investigating incidents of property damage involving vehicles.  Officers responded on February 15, 2011, at 9:25 p.m. to the 400 block of Darwin Road.  A citizen reported damage to her vehicle and two of her neighbors’ vehicles.  Officers responded and found additional vehicles with window damage, totaling five. The vehicles were parked in the 3800 block of Bosworth Drive, the 3900 block of Bosworth Drive, and the 400 block of Darwin Road.  The vehicles appeared to have their windows damaged by a bb gun or air rifle.  The department is investigating whether these incidents are related to incidents that were reported on February 13, 2011.  No arrests have been made.  The investigation is ongoing.   Anyone with information regarding this or other crimes should call the Roanoke Police Department at 853-5959 or Crime Line at 344-8500. Crime Line may offer a monetary reward for any information leading to an arrest.