PowerballFrom the Virginia Lottery: Although the jackpot-winning tickets in the historic January 13 Powerball drawing were not bought in Virginia, the Commonwealth benefitted from the excitement. During the 20 drawings of the jackpot run that began in November and ended with Wednesday night’s drawing, sales of Powerball tickets in Virginia generated approximately $34.7 million in profit. By law, all of that profit goes to K-12 public education in the Commonwealth. In last night’s drawing alone, more than 700,000 Powerball tickets bought in Virginia won prizes. That includes two tickets that each won $1 million, four tickets that each won $100,000 and 20 tickets that each won 50,000. Here’s where the Roanoke Valley winning tickets were bought:

$1 million winner:  7-Eleven, 2035 Roanoke Blvd., Salem

$50,000 winner:  Summer Shop, 2210 Electric Road, Roanoke