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Botetourt-CountyFrom Botetourt County Public Schools: John S. Busher III has been appointed as Superintendent of the Botetourt County Public Schools.  The board had previously appointed Busher to be the interim superintendent until such time that a new superintendent was hired. Mr. Busher will begin his tenure officially as Division Superintendent October 1, 2015. The details of his contract are yet to be worked out and will be completed prior to the first of October. Mr. Busher previously worked for the Botetourt County Public Schools as Assistant Superintendent for 8 years and retired in 2013. Previously, he was employed with the Virginia Department of Education as an Accreditation/Assessment Specialist for 3 years helping school divisions to improve student academic performance. Prior to that, he was in Franklin County as the principal of the middle school for 4 years and also principal of the elementary school for 7 years. Mr. Busher is married to Karen Keane Busher, a gifted resource teacher with the Botetourt Schools and two children, Bronwyn and John. Presently, both are in college, and are graduates of Botetourt County Public Schools