Shawn Hunter

UPDATE: A judge has found Peacemakers President Shawn Hunter not guilty of all three charges. Hunter had been charged after sending a lewd photo to a Roanoke Times reporter. He says it was accidental.

PREVIOUS: There was no shortage of media coverage yesterday when the trial for Peacemakers founder Shawn Hunter was delayed and two new misdemeanor charges regarding a lewd picture sent to Roanoke Times reporter Amy Friedenberger were announced – except in the Times, which ran no story today despite having a reporter in the courtroom.  Hunter says he apologized after sending that intimate photo by mistake to Friedenberger – and that there was no “intent,” as the original computer harassment charge requires. Hunter also claims his attorney told him video of a Roanoke police detective interviewing Friedenberger indicates she was told there would have to be “intent” for the misdemeanor charge to valid. Outside the courthouse Shawn Hunter spoke his mind about the Times – and the charges.

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