RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — On a bipartisan vote, a Virginia Senate committee has approved a compromise measure that would repeal part of the sales tax on groceries. The proposal doesn’t go as far as Republican Gov. Glenn Youngkin has called for — a full repeal of both the state and local portions of the tax. But it would end the 1% that the state collects and the .5% that funds transportation, the Richmond Times-Dispatch reported late Thursday.

The measure that passed 13-2 would also exempt menstrual products from the sales tax. It wouldn’t repeal a 1% local option tax that goes to local governments. The measure needs to clear the Senate floor before it heads to the Republican-controlled House.

Other pieces of the governor’s tax agenda are not advancing in the Senate, which is under Democratic control. A proposal to reduce the state gas tax for 12 months was defeated 12-4, the newspaper reported. And the Senate finance committee previously sent a proposal to double the standard deduction on income tax to a study.

Pieces of Youngkin’s tax agenda are also advancing in the House. The two chambers will have to eventually reach a compromise to send legislation to the governor.