Governor Glenn Youngkin today called for decisive action in support of Ukraine after Russian President Vladimir Putin’s unprovoked invasion. The Governor directed an immediate review of state procurement of any and all goods and services involving Russian companies, called for Virginia Mayors to terminate sister-city partnerships with Russian cities, and urged the Virginia Retirement System and university endowments to divest any Russian holdings immediately.

“The invasion of Ukraine by Soviet dictator Vladimir Putin cannot stand, and the people of the Commonwealth are ready to rally in opposition to this senseless attack on a sovereign nation and western ideals,” said Governor Youngkin. “Today, we are acting to show our solidarity with the Ukrainian people as they defend their country. And while these are important steps, it is incumbent upon President Biden to take a stronger, more decisive leadership position to end this war.”

Actions taken by Governor Youngkin today include:

Ordering the Department of General Services to immediately review all contracts across government and procurement to determine what, if any, Virginia tax dollars are spent on goods and services from primarily Russian companies.

Calling on The City of Norfolk and the City of Roanoke to end sister city partnerships with Russian cities.

Calling on the Virginia Retirement System Board of Trustees and university endowment funds to divest in a prudent and orderly fashion any and all holdings of the Russian Ruble and any and all securities of Russian companies