Wildfire-New-2U.S. Forest Service officials say several large wildfires appear to be the likely source of the smoke reports across the Roanoke Valley today. The nearest is in Wythe County, where more than 500 acres have already burned about 80 miles from Roanoke, but the Forest Service says a much larger fire in North Carolina may also be contributing.  Roanoke County Fire-EMS reports answering several calls for the smell of smoke, but the source appears to be simply what’s blowing our way.

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Wythe County Fire Causes Smoke Haze over Roanoke County
ROANOKE COUNTY, VA (November 15, 2013) – Roanoke County fire crews have been
dispatched to a significant number of calls for “smoke reports”. Residents in the areas of
southwest Roanoke County including Bent Mountain, Back Creek, Cave Spring and even Vinton
have reported a haze of smoke and heavy smoke smell in the area. Fire crews have been out in
these areas looking for a fire source, but have not been able to locate anything.
Officials believe the haze to be from the Wythe County fire that has been burning since Tuesday
night and has grown to more than 500 acres. Because of the wind direction, the smoke is coming
this way and may get worse until the wind shifts.