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Sheila & Katherine Lyon

Sheila & Katherine Lyon

UPDATE: The Bedford County Sheriff’s Office says the “forensic dig” is over on Taylor’s Mountain in the Thaxton area. Investigators say they are pleased with the progression in the search. They’re looking for the remains of Sheila and Katherine Lyon, the two young sisters who disappeared in 1975. No word what, if anything, was found this week.


Bedford County Sheriff Mike brown says new information has prompted state and federal authorities to search a specific part of a Thaxton mountain for the remains of two Maryland sisters who disappeared 40 years ago. Brown describes the operation on Taylor’s Mountain as a “forensic dig.” He says a Federal Bureau of Investigation evidence recovery team and a Radford University forensic pathologist have joined state and local investigators. Brown declined to say what new evidence led investigators to the location. 10-year-old Katherine Lyon and 12-year-old Sheila Lyon disappeared in 1975 after walking to a Maryland shopping mall, and investigators say have good reason to believe the girls were buried on Taylor’s Mountain.  A Maryland woman is charged with lying to a grand jury about the case; her husband and his nephew have been named persons of interest.

(Associated Press contributed to this report.)