Ferrum College has accepted an invitation to join Conference Carolinas effective July 1, 2025.  The Conference Carolinas Board of Directors voted unanimously in favor of the addition of Ferrum College as the 16th member of the NCAA Division II conference.

“By transitioning to Division II, Ferrum College aligns itself with a conference whose motto of body, mind and soul aligns with Ferrum College’s beliefs and values.  The transition also positions Ferrum College to join a family of institutions who share our vision for competitive athletics, academic rigor, and service.  Furthermore, it offers Ferrum College the opportunity to open new avenues for growth and success on and off the field in a values-based culture.” – Dr. Mirta Martin, President, Ferrum College

“Together with my colleagues on the Board of Trustees of Ferrum College, I stand here today to wholeheartedly support this historic milestone in the athletic journey of Ferrum College.  The move to Division II athletics reflects Ferrum College’s dedication to ensuring a quality overall athletic experience for our students while maintaining our steadfast commitment to academic excellence and integrity,” – Mr. Scott Showalter, Chair, Ferrum College Board of Trustees