Photo: FCSO

The highway trash cleanup crew is back this year from the Franklin County Jail.  County Sheriff Bill Overton says COVID concerns led to its suspension last year. Inmates fill thousands of bags of trash each year from Franklin County highway roadsides.

NEWS RELEASE: [Franklin County Sheriff Bill] Overton would like to announce that the inmate work program at the Franklin County Jail has resumed roadside trash cleanup throughout the county. This program collects nearly 4,500 to 6,000 bags of trash each year, helping to maintain the beauty that Franklin County has to offer residents and visitors.

– In 2019, 4,555 bags of trash were collected, averaging 35 bags per day, working 3 days a week

– Inmate crews now work 6 days a week, up to 8 hours a day collecting trash from the roadsides. The bag counts are expected to increase greatly with the additional work days

– Each roadway throughout the county is on a rotating schedule for trash pickup based upon traffic levels, safety concerns, and upcoming weather predictions

**You will likely see the bright orange trash bags on the side of the roadways before you reach the cleanup crew. Be prepared to SLOW DOWN and move over, if possible, to allow safe distance while passing**