Bob Good (Campbell Co. photo)

First-term Republican Congressman Denver Riggleman will face a challenge next year from within his own party. Bob Good promises a formal announcement soon, but in a news release, he says Riggleman has “betrayed the trust” of the conservative Republican base in the 5th District. Good serves on the Campbell County Board of Supervisors, and he is Senior Associate Athletics Director at Liberty University.

NEWS RELEASE: Bob Good has announced his candidacy for Virginia’s 5th Congressional District, stating the following: “Denver Riggleman has betrayed the trust of the conservative Republican base that comprises the bulk of the 5th District with his votes against the border wall in favor of increased immigration… ignoring President Trump’s policy on American jobs for American workers, and even restricting the ability of ICE to do their jobs, just to name a few.”

Mr. Good went on to add  “…it’s my contention and many others that he has so severely damaged himself within the party that he’s made himself unelectable in a general race next November. So I can confirm and will confirm that I responded to the call from the party to give our voters a concerted choice as their nominee and I do plan to formally announce my candidacy soon.”

The expected challenge comes shortly after the Rappahannock County Republican Party in Virginia censured Riggleman, accusing the freshman GOP congressman of “abandoning party principles” on fiscal spending, foreign policy and immigration.