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River Laker -- before the striptease

An ABC administrative law judge has ruled that 202 Market’s liquor license should be suspended for the striptease at a fund-raising event last February. The decision suspends 202 Market’s liquor license for 10 days, but if the restaurant pays a $1,000 civil penalty, the suspension will be shortened to three days. The ruling was handed down earlier this week and made public Friday afternoon. (Continue reading for a link to the full decision)

Administrative Law Judge Elizabeth Flournoy ruled 202 Market failed to take appropriate action last February 4th to prevent River Laker from performing the striptease.  ” What may have been initially unforeseeable became foreseeable as Mr. Laker moved inexorably toward nudity, had anyone in management been paying attention,” she wrote. “It is the duty of the management of an establishment licensed by ABC to monitor activities and conduct occurring within the establishment to ensure compliance with all applicable rules and regulations, and that duty was not satisfied in this instance.”

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