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The Town of Rocky Mount is replacing every water meter in its system in coming months – all 3,200 of them. The work begins this week, and it is expected to last into late May. Town officials say the meters will wirelessly report usage numbers, and the new system should more readily help find and repair water leaks.

News release: ROCKY MOUNT, Va. – The Town of Rocky Mount is undertaking a significant water meter replacement project to modernize and upgrade its water system. Town residents will see employees of Troutdale-based Atlantic Utility Solutions replacing 3,200 meters throughout Rocky Mount’s water system starting this week. Depending on weather, replacement work should be completed by May 31. As part of its current budget, Rocky Mount Town Council authorized funding to replace every water meter and the Town’s accounting & billing system.

The new meters are the first step in modernizing water data collection. Once installation of all meters is finished, receivers will be installed so the Neptune meters, sold to the town on a low bid by CMC, can wirelessly report water usage data to Town Hall. “This modernization allows us to instantly read current water use, helping find and fix leaks both sides of the water meter,” said Rocky Mount Assistant Town Manager Matthew Hankins. “The Town will be able to more accurately measure the water it is treating, pumping and selling, providing better value to the customer and better use of Town resources.”

Customers should expect limited service interruptions as meters are replaced. Most meter changes are simple swaps lasting an hour or so, taking out old equipment and replacing it with new. For some old meters, meter boxes may be replaced. Rocky Mount water customers will experience benefits through this transition. Customers will be able to access their usage data, pay bills online and enable push alerts for suspected water leaks or unusual usage. Service at rental properties and for customers with a history of non-payment will be turned off and on from Town Hall.

The system eliminates the need to have meter readers physically touch the boxes, so meter readers will only have to come out in cases of problems.

“This is one of the most transformative public works projects we have undertaken during my tenure,” said Rocky Mount Town Manager James Ervin. “Town Council has been very focused on water accountability and our ability to sell and accurately measure water, and this new system meets the modern needs of our customers.”