VCE ImageThe Virginia Cooperative Extension office in Roanoke County is accepting registrations for its next well water testing clinic. WFIR’s Starr Anderson has more details:

The meeting on June 20 at 6 p.m. will be a brief informational session, so attendees can pick up a sample kit and get instructions on collecting a water sample.

On June 22, from 7:30 to 10 a.m., registrants can drop off a sample. About four weeks later, confidential test results will be available, an explanation about what the numbers mean and information on how to handle any problems that are present. Residents in Roanoke County and the cities of Salem and Roanoke (who have a well, spring or cistern) can have their water tested through the Biological Systems Engineering lab at Virginia Tech. The testing is $52, and it includes testing for iron, sulphur, fluoride, coliform bacteria, maganese, copper, pH levels, e. coli bacteria, sulfate, nitrate lead, hardness and arsenic.

For more information, call the Virginia Cooperative Extension Office, located inside the Brambleton Recreation Center, at 772-7524