Scammers continue to target senior citizens in Roanoke.  The latest incident occurred Monday on Buena Vista Boulevard.  WFIR’s Timothy Martin has details.


Here is the news release from Roanoke Police:

Roanoke, VA- The Roanoke Police Department warns the public following a larceny that targeted senior citizens.  Officers responded on October 22, 2012, at 12:49 p.m. to Buena Vista Boulevard. Upon arrival officers spoke with a 78 year old male and his 72 year old wife.  Both stated that two males knocked on their door.  When they answered the door one of the males stated that his name was Bobby Ferguson and he delivered papers with the couple’s son.  The male who identified himself as Bobby Ferguson then entered the home along with the other male and continued speaking with the couple and showing them a piece of linoleum. Bobby Ferguson claimed the second male with him was his son.  After speaking with the couple both males left the home.  The male victim stated that he observed a third male waiting in the driver’s seat of a white Ford minivan. The individuals all left in the minivan. The male victim later realized that money and jewelry were missing from the home.  No arrests have been made. Anyone with information regarding this or other crimes should call the Roanoke Police Department at (540) 853-5959 or Crime Line at (540) 344-8500.  Crime Line may offer a monetary reward for any information leading to an arrest in a crime.
The Roanoke Police Department offers the following crime prevention tips:

·     Do not let anyone you do not know into your home.

·     If someone comes to your door and you feel your safety is being threatened or if you notice suspicious activity in your neighborhood call 911 immediately.

·     Do not give money to anyone who comes to your door offering to make repairs to your home or trying to collect money for work they claim they performed in the past.

·     Do not feel pressured to make a decision immediately if someone comes to your door offering to make repairs to your home.

·     Talk to a loved one or trusted friend before making any decisions to have repairs made to your home.

·     Citizens are encouraged to check on their elderly neighbors