Roanoke County High School seniors graduate today … locally that means all schoolchildren are now home for the summer … and its a time for parents and other caregivers to think about safety … WFIR’s Gene Marrano has more:


See list of safety tips for caregivers and children:

Roanoke Fire-EMS, Safe Kids Worldwide and the American Red Cross have these tips for what parents & caregivers should do:

• Post an emergency phone list where the kids can see it (include 9-1-1, parents cell numbers, work numbers, neighbor or trusted relative’s numbers)
• Practice an emergency plan with your child so they know what to do in case of fire, injury or other emergencies.
• Make sure the first aid kit is stocked.
• Let the children know where flashlights are and what to do if a tornado or severe weather were to occur.
• Remove or lock up dangerous items like guns, knives, hand tools, power tools, razor blades, scissors, ammunition and other objects that can cause injury.
• Make sure potential poisons like detergents, polishes, pesticides, car-care fluids, lighter fluid and lamp oils are stored in locked cabinets or out of the reach of children.
• Make sure medicine is kept locked up out of the reach of children.
• Limit any cooking that kids can do.
• Keep matches & lighters out of reach or in a locked cabinet.
• Make sure you have working smoke alarms and you’ve practiced your escape plan with the entire family and designated a meeting place.
• Never let the kids swim alone and make sure that there is always an adult watching kids in the water WITHOUT distractions.
• Monitor how much screen time your kids use when you are not home (includes: TV, internet, video games)

What should the kids do?

• Lock the door and make sure windows are closed and locked. Never open the door to strangers. This includes delivery people or service representatives.
• Don’t go outside to investigate an unusual noise. If you are worried, call 9-1-1 or a parent/caregiver.
• If you answer the phone, never tell the caller that there is no one else home. Instead say, “He or she is busy right now – may I take a message?”
• Do not talk about being home alone on public websites.
• Never leave the house without permission. Do not let anyone in who is using drugs or alcohol even if you know them.
• Do not have friends over to visit when parents aren’t at home without permission.
• If you smell smoke or the fire alarm starts sounding immediately leave the house and call 9-1-1. Remember – Get Out & Stay Out! Shut the front door behind you!
• If you are with friends riding your bike or scooter, always wear a helmet.
• Never swim alone.
• Always wear your seatbelt!
• Look both ways before crossing the street & do not text and walk!
• If it is thundering outside that also means there is lightning – come inside immediately and take shelter!