Roanoke County Police have released new information on Tuesday night’s shootings along Eden Avenue in the Starkey area. Officials say a man shot two neighbors, a husband and wife, killing the husband and wounding the wife before fatally shooting himself.  Police identify the dead as the gunman, 58-year-old Harry Overstreet, and his neighbor, 66-year-old Russell Edghill, whose 60-year-old wife Lynda was hospitalized. Investigators are still probing the circumstances, but they say police have received numerous calls from the homes in recent years in disputes over dogs barking or running at large.

From Roanoke County Police: On October 16, 2018 at approximately 7:39 p.m. Roanoke County Police officers responded to the 5200 block of

Eden Avenue for reports of shots being fired. After arriving, officers located two victims with gunshot wounds. Russell Edghill, 66, and his wife Lynda Edghill, 60, were
quickly moved to safety by the first responding officers. Mr. Edghill was found to be deceased from a gunshot wound. Officers rendered immediate first aid to Mrs. Edghill
until Roanoke County Fire & Rescue arrived and took over. She was then transported to a local hospital. Officers set up a perimeter in the immediate area and Roanoke
County Police SWAT was called to the scene and eventually located the suspect, identified as Harry Overstreet, 58, deceased from a self‐inflicted gunshot wound. The
Edghills and Overstreet were neighbors in the 5200 block of Eden Avenue. Police are still investigating the circumstances leading up to the shooting. Police had initially
responded to the area at approximately 7:04 p.m. when several residents called advising of a dog running at large. Contact was made with another occupant of the Edghill’s
home who was walking down the street from the residence and able to secure the dog. Police did not observe any adverse interaction between the Edghills and Overstreet
at this time. It does not appear that Overstreet was one of the callers who reported the dog at large. Roanoke County Police records show numerous calls for service over the
past 10 years related to the Edghill and Overstreet residences regarding dogs barking or running at large.  In each instance, the respective homeowner had taken care of the issue before arrival or at the request of Police.