A recent petition is demanding more accountability from Roanoke College officials regarding how they handle sexual misconduct cases. The petition comes after some current and former students accused Dean of Students Brian Chisom, of failing to handle sexual misconduct cases, while Title 9 coordinator, in a proper manner and using a line of questioning based in quote, “ victim blaming and sexism.” In response, College President Michael Maxey has asked for a full review of the allegations cited in the petition.


Read Full Statement from Roanoke College below :

Regarding the Recent Petition to Roanoke College Demanding Accountability for Misconduct Cases —

We have read the recent petition regarding how sexual misconduct investigations are addressed at Roanoke College.

Roanoke College President, Michael Maxey, has asked Dr. Richard Smith, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Student Affairs, Shirley C. and Donald E. Morel Dean of the College to review the incidents cited in the petition and report back to him.

Dr. Brian Chisom, who is named in the petition, is now Dean of Students. Dean Chisom has ably held several staff roles and made many outstanding contributions to Roanoke College. A reorganization in 2018 placed Ms. Amy Perkins, Assistant Dean of Students, as the College’s Title IX coordinator overseeing sexual misconduct investigations for student claims.

Roanoke College takes this issue and the treatment and respect of every individual student at the College seriously.
Individuals who would like to discuss specific instances of concern should contact Assistant Dean of Students, Amy Perkins at