Ewell Hunt

Roanoke City has released the transcript of the city’s dispatch center call to Franklin County in the minutes after Jennifer Agee was shot to death Monday in the Sheetz parking lot. According to the transcript, a Franklin County dispatcher says Sheriff Ewell Hunt instructed dispatchers not to circulate word that Deputy Jonathan Agee was in a patrol car and threatening to kill his former wife. News/Talk 960’s Evan Jones has more.

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Here is the full timeline and transcript provided by Roanoke Police:

Roanoke, VA- In response to media requests the Roanoke Police Department is releasing a portion of the time line of events relating to the homicide which occurred on May 30, 2011, in the parking lot of Sheetz convenience store located in the 1200 block of Williamson Road.  Due to the ongoing investigation the entire time line cannot be released, however portions are being released to address the Roanoke Police Department’s response to the initial 911 call and efforts to locate the suspect.

11:29 a.m.
Roanoke E-911 Control Center receives the first of numerous calls from
citizens regarding the shooting.

11:30 a.m.
Roanoke E-911 Control Center airs information over the police radio
frequency to police units who begin to respond to the scene.

11:31:10 a.m.
A Roanoke 911 Dispatcher contacts the Franklin County Dispatch Center
requesting information to determine if there is a Franklin County K-9 Unit
in the City of Roanoke.  See transcript from call below.


FCSO:          Sheriff’s office.

DISPATCH:     Hey it’s Roanoke City do ya’ll have a K-9 unit that’s in
the city?

FCSO:     That’s in the city now?

DISPATCH:     Right.

FCSO:          Not that I know of.

DISPATCH:     All right-

FCSO:          What, what-

DISPATCH:     We’re getting conflicting statements.

FCSO:          Do what ma’am?

DISPATCH:     We’re getting conflicting statements that it was a
Franklin Country K-9 vehicle that was at our Sheets on Williamson
Road that possibly shot a subject.  I didn’t know if you had somebody
that was out?

FCSO:          All right we’ve got some, we’ve got a unit that we’re
looking for but we don’t know ah I don’t know, okay where did you
say, who did you got your information from, did our sheriff call?


FCSO:          Or do you know?

DISPATCH:     We’re getting multiple calls, we’re getting multiple
calls from citizens, we have an officer pulling up on scene now, but
it’s supposed to be a Franklin County K-9 vehicle.

FCSO:          Okay we are looking for a K-9 unit, I think his unit is
gonna be, I think it’s 52 on the rear of his vehicle.

DISPATCH:     Uh huh.

FCSO:          Ah he has made a remark but see I, see what it is our
sheriff is telling us-

DISPATCH:     Not to mention anything-

FCSO:          Not to mention anything so that’s why I’m sorta stuck in
the middle of this and everything.

DISPATCH:     I’m sorry yeah but if you want to call him real quick and
get him to give us a call and we’ll hook him up with one of our

FCSO:          Okay.

DISPATCH:     We have a report that he pulled up in the parking lot of
Sheets at Williamson Road, shot a subject and drove off.  So if you-

FCSO:          So ya’ll, ya’ll have, ya’ll have got a story that he
actually has done something right?

DISPATCH:     Right.

FCSO:          Okay all right what is your name?

DISPATCH:     (Omitted.)

FCSO:          (Omitted) okay what phone number can, I’m gonna have my
sheriff call you right, as soon as possible, what phone number can he
call you direct to?

DISPATCH:     853-XXXX, let me get a sergeants number that’s on here,
actually call SERGEANT ANDERSON-



FCSO:          Okay.

DISPATCH:     537 (inaudible) we do have a victim down.

FCSO:          All right 537-XXXX

DISPATCH:     Right.

FCSO:          Right all right I’m gonna have him call him right now,
thank you

11:31:17 a.m.
The first police unit arrives on scene without prior knowledge of the
events leading to this incident.  The officer begins the investigation,
speaking to witnesses in an effort to gather information regarding the
incident.  The officer requests rescue, begins trying to secure the scene
and organize information being received from multiple witnesses.

11:32 a.m.
Officer on scene states that the suspect is a Franklin County Sheriff’s
Deputy and that the suspect has left the scene.

11:39 a.m.
Two Roanoke Police Lieutenants arrive on scene and request that the Roanoke
E-911 Control Center contact the Roanoke County and Vinton 911 Centers
regarding the suspect information.

11:41 a.m.
Roanoke 911 Dispatcher notifies Roanoke County and Vinton 911 Centers by
the telephone of BOLO “be on the lookout” information with the information
known to the agency at that time.

11:43 a.m.
Roanoke 911 Dispatcher notifies Virginia State Police Dispatch Center by
telephone of BOLO information with the information known to the agency at
that time.

11:48 a.m.
Roanoke 911 Dispatcher notifies Botetourt County Dispatch Center by
telephone of BOLO information with information known to the agency at that

11:51 a.m.
Roanoke 911 Dispatcher notifies Carilion Clinic Police Department by
telephone of BOLO information with information known to the agency at that

11:58 a.m.
Salem Dispatch Center contacts Roanoke E-911 Control Center requesting
additional information regarding shooting.

11:57 a.m.
Roanoke Police Lieutenant contacts Roanoke E-911 Control Center and
provides detailed information for the BOLO to be placed in a VCIN 6

12:02 p.m.
Roanoke Police Lieutenant contacts Roanoke E-911 Control Center with
additional details to be relayed in VCIN 6 BOLO.

12:08 p.m.
VCIN 6 BOLO sent to surrounding jurisdictions’ 911 Centers by Roanoke E-911
Control Center.

VCIN 6 Group contains the following jurisdictions:
Alleghany Co Sheriffs Office, Bath Co Sheriffs Office, Bedford PD, Bedford
County Sheriffs Office, Blacksburg PD, Blue Ridge Regional Jail Lynchburg,
Botetourt County Sheriffs Office, Buena Vista PD, Christiansburg PD,
Clifton Forge PD, Covington PD
Craig Co Sheriffs Office, Danville PD, Danville Sheriffs Office, Floyd Co
Sheriffs Office,
Franklin Co Sheriffs Office, Henry County Sheriffs Office, Highland Co
Sheriffs Office,
Lexington PD, Lynchburg EOC, Lynchburg PD, Martinsville PD, Montgomery Co
Sheriffs Office, Norfolk Southern PD, Patrick Co Sheriffs Office,
Pittsylvania Co Sheriffs Office,
Radford PD, Radford University PD, Roanoke PD, Roanoke City Sheriffs
Roanoke County PD, Rockbridge County Sheriffs Office, Rockbridge Regional
Jail, Salem PD, State Police Division 6, Vinton PD, VA Military Institute
Campus PD, Virginia Polytechnic Institute Police, Western VA Regional Jail