David Bowers, Former Roanoke Mayor and 2024 Mayoral Candidate

Updated: As Roanoke’s City manager prepares to leave office, a former Mayor is asking why city leaders weren’t prepared to address the situation. More from WFIR’s Clark Palmer.


Previous:Following the impending exit of Bob Cowell from his role of Roanoke City Manager, Former Roanoke Mayor and 2024 Mayoral candidate David Bowers spoke with WFIR today on the thought of Mayor Sherman Lea assuming the role of acting City Manager. Bowers argues that, despite how other localities allow for the consolidation of power, he does not believe that Roanoke’s Mayor should essentially take on the role of a ‘Chief Executive Officer,’ and that it would violate separation of powers. He added that he is unsure if Bob Cowell was a problem, but asserts that the City Council is a problem. The city is conducting a nationwide search for a replacement, for both an interim and permanent city manager.