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Roanoke Mayor  David Bowers

Roanoke Mayor
David Bowers

Roanoke Mayor David Bowers delivered the annual “State of the City” address this morning … Bowers spoke about the lowest crime rate since 1969 … teen pregnancies continuing a downward trend and high school graduation rates up almost 30 percent over a few years ago – the Mayor says he wants local firms to support a summer youth employment program … Bowers  encouraged local businesses at the Chamber of Commerce event to take advantage of statewide programs to help them sell products internationally … Bowers also heaped praise on the city’s reading achievement programs, the Elmwood Park makeover – and the impending return of passenger rail service. And he wants to help “fill the hole in the ice” … by building a dedicated ice rink that youth leagues and college teams can use for games and practices … The Mayor says that’s essential if the Valley ever hopes to attract professional hockey again. He spoke to WFIR about a new ice rink:

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