wfir-linkROANOKE, Va. (AP) _ A federal board has upheld more than $612,000 in fines against two companies for hazardous waste violations at a Roanoke facility. The EPA proposed the penalties against Chem-Solv, Inc. and Austin Holdings-VA L.L.C. in 2011. An administrative law judge upheld the enforcement action in 2014. Chem-Solv then appealed the penalties to the EPA’s Environmental Appeals Board. The EPA said Wednesday that the board issued a final order in late January upholding the enforcement action. The board found there was no merit to Chem-Solv’s allegation that the administrative law judge showed bias. Chem-Solv operates a facility in Roanoke owned by Austin Holdings that handles and distributes various chemicals, including acids, solvents and mineral oils. The EPA says the companies violated laws governing the treatment, storage and disposal of hazardous waste.