VT grad competes for top prize in “Doritos Crash the Super Bowl” competition

Raj Suri

Raj Suri

Raj Suri has a computer science degree from Virginia Tech, but it’s his work as a producer and co-writer of a Doritos commercial that has put his team in the running for $1 million prize. The commercial called “Time Machine” is one of five finalists for a Doritos spot to air during the Super Bowl.

Suri says they spent just $300 dollars making the commercial, and he calls his team “the underdog” to win the prize. The top winner is decided by on-line voting, and Suri is urging people to use their social networks to get the word out. View the commercial here.

Raj Suri talks about “Time Machine” and the “Doritos Crash the Super Bowl” competition:01-22 VT dorito1-WEB


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