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Virginia Civil War
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150 years today General Robert E Lee surrended his Confederate troops to General Ulysses S. Grant at a private home in the village of Appomattox Court House – effectively ending the Civil War … WFIR’s Gene Marrano spoke to Salem Museum director John Long about today’s Sesquicentennial … here’s a “Longer Listen” (music is from Ken Burns Civil War documentary):

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WFIR---local-businessHelping women to be mentally and physically prepared to protect themselves … a local self-protection business owner is offering a free 8-week class starting later this month … after seeing the effects of physical abuse … more from WFIR’s Gene Marrano:

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see link to Personal Self Protection LLC website:



At a press conference today at Goodwill Industries in Richmond, Governor Terry McAuliffe signed an Executive Order reforming state hiring practices by removing questions regarding criminal history from employment applications. The Order makes clear that criminal history shall not be a determining factor in employment decisions, unless an individual’s criminal history bears specific relation to the job for which they are being considered.

“In a new Virginia economy, people who make mistakes and pay the price should be welcomed back into society and given the opportunity to succeed,” said Governor McAuliffe. “This Executive Order will remove unnecessary obstacles to economic success for Virginians who deserve a second chance.” Attorney General Mark Herring and the Virginia ACLU released statements today applauding McAuliffe’s decision.


Executive Order 41 “bans the box” on employment applications requiring applicants to indicate if they have been convicted of a crime, which will allow many applicants to be more thoughtfully considered for positions for which they are well-qualified.

I-73-LogoYou’ll soon start seeing signs on I-581 in Roanoke identifying it as part of the Interstate 73 corridor … that long-talked about limited access highway would connect Roanoke to North Carolina and has been promoted as an economic driver for the region … Court Rosen is a member of the Commonwealth Transportation Board …  Rosen – also a Roanoke City Council Member – appeared outside Valley View Mall today with State Senator Bill Stanley to unveil the “Future I-73 Corridor” signage … Rosen says it will take funding from a variety of sources to build I-73. He spoke with WFIR’s Gene Marrano:  Rosen for Web-WEB